Self-compassion – don’t roll your eyes, do it! Please be kind to yourself

Self-compassion – don’t roll your eyes, do it! Please be kind to yourself



Treat yourself with the same compassion you would give your best friend. This probably isn’t a new concept for any of you. There have been numerous scientific studies, spiritual leaders, and colloquial sayings that emphasize the importance of caring for and about ourselves, so much so that it can become something we take for granted.

As human beings we tend to be over critical by design, and this is why we felt this idea was worth taking the time to talk about. How often do each of us make a mistake, handle a situation differently than we wanted to, or simply don’t perform as well as we wanted, and go immediately into the “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” thinking? Now how often do we step back and ask ourselves “What would I say to myself if I was talking to my best friend?”

Maybe that doesn’t work for everyone. Another way that can help is to ask yourself, “Will this matter if 5 minutes? How about 5 hours? 5 days? 5 Months?” If something isn’t going to matter in 5 months, and you take the time to realize that it can help with anxiety, decision making, and self-criticism as well.

To quote another old saying, “It takes 7 positive thoughts to counteract 1 negative thought.” This is science, not just a meme ready quote. There is a reason you can look in pretty much any direction in our culture and find some reference to treating yourself with compassion. It’s because it is important, and something we all share in a lack of.

Please be kind to yourself.


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