Selling a Home in As-Is Condition: A valid strategy you may want to consider

Selling a Home in As-Is Condition: A valid strategy you may want to consider



When selling real estate strategy is important, which is based upon several factors: a client’s goals, their timing of when the home needs to be sold, the home’s condition, and its location.

One strategy is to sell a home in ‘as-is’ condition. What that means is that a seller will not address any deferred maintenance, or it could mean that minor repairs are completed before selling and larger ones are left undone. It should be noted in the public remarks that the home is being sold in ‘as-is’ condition so that a buyer and their agent are aware that no further repairs will be addressed by the seller.

A term often used is that a home has ‘good bones’ meaning structurally it is sound, however there are a fair number of cosmetic updates needing to be addressed such as removing peeling wallpaper, re-sanding and staining hardwood floors, etc.


Is ‘as-is’ a good strategy?

It is certainly a valid one and depending on the market, whether it favors buyers or sellers, it will always be important to price so that it is realistic to the market and the home’s condition. Selling a home at top price when a significant number of repairs are needed, such as a roof, siding, plumbing, is not practical as it can cause the home to sell for less than market value.

Choose a Realtor you can trust so that the best strategy is determined to help you achieve your goals.

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