Senior Living: Planning for Aging in Place

By Patty Bennett, Beaverton Committee on Aging

Aging in place is a term used to describe living in the home of your choice as you age, while being able to get any support or assistance you may need to stay safe and independent.

The idea behind aging in place is simple: Plan and prepare the aspects of your life, so you can continue living on your terms.

This means seniors aging in place should plan to ensure their homes meet their needs. As well as, any help or support they may need now (or later) is available.

The fact is, most adults don’t want to move just because they’ve gotten a few years older. People want to live where they want and continue to live a life that is meaningful to them.

That’s why people are becoming more comfortable with the concept of aging in place. They can choose where to live, what their home is like, how it works for them and be prepared for any situations that life may throw at them.

The following are some topics to consider when planning how to successfully Age in Place:

Home Remodeling Minor Additions:

  • Adding Grab Bars to bathrooms and showers
  • Adding over the door thresholds and sloped ramps for entryways
  • Adding pull-out and pull-down cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms

Home Remodeling Major Renovations:

  • Building a master bedroom and bath on the main floor.

Community Resources

  • Legal, financial, medical and veterans benefit planning
  • Transportation services
  • Social and spiritual engagement
  • Possible future in home care needs,
  • medical and non-medical
  • Technical Assistive Devices such as medical alert systems, medication management devices and home monitoring systems
  • Home and yard maintenance

Having an understanding of what you may need and being connected to the aging in place resources available in the Beaverton Area will help you create a successful plan to age in place.

For further information about the Beaverton Committee on Aging, email or call 503-526-2222