Should I include meditation in my morning routine? 4 reasons why it’s a good idea

Should I include meditation in my morning routine? 4 reasons why it’s a good idea

Meditation sanitizes your mind and cultivates harmony across all aspects of your being. You can think of meditation as a hygiene ritual akin to taking a shower or brushing your teeth. Here are four reasons why you should try morning mediation:

Better than a cup of coffee: Meditation puts you in a deep state of relaxation, triggering the release of feel-good, energy-boosting endorphins to get your gears running and juices flowing. And unlike your standard dose of caffeine, it won’t make you dehydrated later in the day.

You’ll make better food choices: Ever noticed how your cravings for unhealthy treats get worse when you’re stressed or sleep-deprived? That’s just one way our brains are wired to seek comfort. Meditation helps you overcome those anxious thoughts — worries about beating rush hour, workplace deadlines, and life in general — that cloud your judgment. Wholesome foods will suddenly become irresistible.

Beat stress all day: Meditation is very much like kryptonite to stress. Starting off your day with a relaxed, sober mind puts you in the perfect position to tackle the demands and rigors of your daily schedule. Not to forget the endorphin rush that meditation provides — it’s a full tank of inner peace and energy.

Much more focus: A morning meditation routine will also act as your mental spam filter, a defense against whatever distractions you have to contend with after waking up. It forces your mind to concentrate on the day’s agenda, helping you accomplish tasks with a lot more efficacy.

Meditation is certainly something you’ll want to practice regularly. And including it in your morning routine helps you reap the most benefits.


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