Simple things you can do to grow your business: Happy small business marketing!

Simple things you can do to grow your business: Happy small business marketing!



Analyze Your Competition-

What are the Big Box stores doing? They spend tons of money on research. The data they come up with has to do with overall market trends, the area you are doing business in, and the consumer your area targets. What does their advertising and messaging look and sound like? Are there points you can take and integrate into your own messaging? For instance, if the season is Back To School, can you target that consumer with the service or product you offer? Create a special around the season, add the messaging to your social media, or paint it on your windows!


Targeting Young Customers-

Do you want younger customers? Their views, wants, and needs may be different from yours. Be willing to step outside of your box to gain that new customer. They like experiences so what can you change about your service or your product (perhaps in the packaging or delivery) that creates something different for the young customers. They also like a sense of belonging which means creating a space that is inviting and/or they can spend time in and feel right at home.


Social Justice Matters-

Issues like recycling and eco-awareness affect everyone and can be the difference when someone chooses where to do business. If social issues are a part of your business include that in your messaging. If you recycle, make sure that’s known to the consumer. If your business is energy-saving or you give part of your proceeds to charity don’t be afraid to share that. People want to do business where it’s helping their community and where brand values align with theirs.


Be A Great Member of Your Business Community-

Can you share resources? Perhaps you can share other business’ cards on your counter or in your space and they can do the same for you. Become a referral source for each other because the best marketing is word of mouth. Can you organize community events that showcase many businesses at one time? That’s a great way to bring a lot of people to your area at one time.


Shine On Social Media-

If your brand is product or entertainment driven-Instagram is for you. It’s all about visuals and pictures telling a story. LinkedIn is great for reaching other businesses and sharing information- but don’t forget to include a picture as that hits the reader’s eye first. Facebook should have pictures as well but a great way to share events, updates, employee and business news, and keep the consumer informed. Twitter is all about the short messaging and information- great for media-related businesses and quick updates. TikTok is for the creative business owner that can tell their story to the beat of a song- if that’s you start creating as it’s a great way to grab that younger consumer.


Create A Photo Op-

Is there a space at your business that makes a great photo op? Can you paint a mural on your wall outside with a bench in front of it (and your business name somewhere)? Drawing people to you and getting them to take a picture and share it with the world is, guess what, free advertising!

Happy Small Business Marketing!


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