Slow down to speed up, it’s what we need to do to keep up



“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”, a phrase used in the military referring to taking your time and ensuring you are doing things correctly. Rushing creates mistakes, and mistakes take more time. This idea can apply to almost all aspects of our lives, especially with a culture that seems more and more obsessed with speed.

Slowing down and giving more time is an excellent way to battle anxiety and stress. It almost universally takes less time and energy as well. Studies show that running slower will make you a faster runner and speeding in your car doesn’t get you there any faster. Major corporations now incorporate strategies based around enforcing pauses and reflection during projects.

There are some easy ways we can start to give more pause and time in our lives that will ultimately make us faster and more efficient. Getting a full night’s sleep and for most that means 8 hours. Take a short walk-in nature (there is a nature park a stone’s throw from anywhere in Beaverton). Stay in the slow lane, listen to music, enjoy the ride… remember, the world isn’t slowing down, but it is exactly what we need to do if we are going to keep up.


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