Small Business Marketing: Do you need social media?

Small Business Marketing: Do you need social media?

Do you need social media and if so, what platform? There are so many social media channels out there it’s easy to get confused. A business doesn’t need all of them so we want to break down what each one specializes in and what type of business it might be useful for.



The original in social media. A way to connect with friends, family, co-workers, and share your latest updates and milestones. A great way to reconnect with childhood friends, classmates, long lost relatives too. It has become a significant platform for business representation if your business services one of these types of people. If you are an office supply company and you target large offices, this wouldn’t be the top space for you. If you have a store, a restaurant, a service, or perhaps a consumer good you will want to have a presence here. This is a great place to post your latest updates, events, pictures of products, and even sell products if your eCommerce business is on Shopify (a whole different article but an eCommerce website hosting platform). As of August 2020, according to a study conducted by Sprout Social, 79% of adults between 30-49 and 68% between 50-64 not only use Facebook, but visit at least once a day.



It’s all about the images. Build your brand here through pictures. It’s the perfect way to sell your product and engage your customers. If you love to take pictures, and can quickly upload them, this is the place for you. In addition to posting on your homepage, you can easily create “stories” throughout the day (quick snippets of imaging usually with text on it). These are for spontaneous posts rather than planned and scheduled. This platform is owned by Facebook which makes for easy cross-posting. This too is a great space to reach a customer like the one on Facebook however here the customer tends to be more media savvy, often younger, and trendier. As of November 2020, according to Statista, 33.1 percent of U.S. Instagram users were between 25 and 34 years old. The second-largest user group was 18- to 24-year-olds with a 22.8 percent share. Overall, more than 56 percent of Instagram audiences in the United States were female.



Do you have something trendy, unique, fits a niche that young people like? Love to send quick pics and info? Snapchat is all about the disappearing post, so a photo is taken, sent, and disappears. This is mainly for a young, urban demographic and a product that appeals to them. Think music, clothing, edgy items, or specific fan-based stuff (Subaru hot rods anyone?).



The intellectual. If your company is newsy, tech-y, innovative, or with cutting edge information it can get engagement on Twitter. Twitter does have its niches such as WineTwitter, BeerTwitter, FashionTwitter, MarketingTwitter, and so on…The average user is educated and urban.

Age Group Demographic: 18+, sweet spot 25-30



This platform is all about an individual’s professional profile. Businesses stake a claim here too and then try to reach that professional through information and news articles they publish. This is a good place to create a profile for your business and publish information if you have regular updates about your business or your product. If you want to reach other professionals in your field, say aviation, or finance, or real estate, this is a great place. It’s not a place you want to really spend advertising dollars but instead talks about your specialty and its place in business. Users tend to be urban, educated, and the percentage of men and women using LinkedIn is relatively similar; 29% men 24% women. Age Group Demographic: 25+, sweet spot 25-40



All about human interest. Pinterest is where users collect information for future projects, find recipes for their dinner parties, get ideas on what to wear for a wedding rehearsal. It’s very design-oriented and the perfect place for a business known to be creative, editorial, DIY, or transformational. It’s aspirational and beautiful. More women use Pinterest, and they are educated and in a higher economic bracket. A great place to advertise anything related to home, beauty, fashion, design, cooking, etc. Age Group Demographic: 18+, sweet spot up to age 50

There is so much detail we can go into, but we run the risk of being boring. Let’s end with this: choose one or two platforms that fit your business demographic and do them well. Don’t try to be everywhere just for the sake of it. Remember, if your customer sees you on Pinterest because that’s where they are, they’re going to think you’re everywhere!

Next month we will talk about Newsletters and how they can help grow your business.

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