Some cars can be sold for a great price and even on the same day!

Some cars can be sold for a great price and even on the same day!



Thank you to everyone who has written in, called and emailed with automotive questions.

For this month’s article, we will talk about my new friend, Karen (not her real name), from central Beaverton.  Karen calls me one day and kindly says she has been reading my articles for several years. She tells me her husband had a stroke recently and no longer was able to drive.

As it turns out, they now have four vehicles but only one driver. Karen asked me to swing by and take a look, so I did. I went over to see the vehicles and met both her and her husband.

Upon arrival, I was amazed at the condition of all of the cars and when I asked how I could help, Karen mentioned that she wanted to sell the cars she doesn’t drive one at a time.

I certainly agreed, and asked where we should start? Karen decided she wanted to start by selling a 2016 VW Tiguan SE with all the options. She had two sets of wheels and tires for the vehicle and had the winter tires already installed on the vehicle.

I asked if she had attempted to sell the car and she said yes for a couple of months. However, she was getting purchase offers for the vehicle in the $10k-$11k area and she seemed to think that this was not a fair offer.

I backed the car out of the 4-car garage, took some pictures and jotted down some notes. Then, while I was still there with the car in front of me, I made two calls to my network of contacts. Surprise! I was able to secure a cash offer of $14k right then and there.

When Karen and her husband heard the offer, they were thrilled and asked when they could move forward. I Told them I would be back the following day with an additional driver and would be bringing a check for the purchase.

The following day, I handed them a check and had them sign some paperwork.

Karen and her husband are nearly 80 years old and I found it horrible that her offers she had previously received were clearly an example of how the elderly can get taken advantage of.

I ended up helping Karen and her husband for free of charge this time as it seemed the right thing to do in this day and age.

Thank you all for reading and for all of your great feedback too.


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