Something to Celebrate, three years at the Cheesecake Factory

Something to Celebrate, three years at the Cheesecake Factory



At Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, we are so proud of our clients and their accomplishments. We love to celebrate with them. And in May 2022, Rueben Monger had a big reason to celebrate…three years of employment at the Cheesecake Factory! This milestone was recognized in a big way by his employer – he was given a commemorative pin and a letter from the CEO thanking Rueben for his hard work and dedication.

When I talked to Rueben and his family about his job, there were so many positives to share! From the kind coworkers and managers to the nice environment, the opportunity to stay busy, and the bonus of being inside a mall where he can visit his favorite stores before or after his shifts, Rueben could not be happier with his job. He always looks forward to going to work and gives it a big thumbs up.

Rhonda Fowler, Senior Executive Kitchen Manager shared this with me; “Ruben has really grown in his role here at The Cheesecake Factory.  When he first started, he was quiet and needed supervision.  Now Ruben can work on his own with minimal direction.  He always stays busy and communicates when he needs something.  Ruben has saved us several times in the past when we would need support, he would come in on his day off to help.  He is always in a positive mood and brings a smile to work every shift. It is a pleasure to have Ruben on our team.”

Congratulations Rueben!


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