Southridge High School Podcast – Capturing moments & memories

Southridge High School Podcast – Capturing moments & memories

Moments and memories from the surreal school year were “captured” on a podcast at Southridge High School.

“You talk about the Class of 2020, the word that comes to my mind is resilience,” said Joe Traeger, Southridge High School activities director.

Traeger has gone from Southridge’s coach on the football field and softball diamond to activities director for the Skyhawks.

“The impact is very similar the format just has changed. I am very much still “Coach.” I am just coaching in a different avenue now,” he said.

The student government teacher credits a pair of valedictorians for getting him to soar.

“Their belief in me really got me over the hump,” Traeger said.

Traeger launched a monthly podcast, “Capture It.”

The whole idea is to talk with people who have really captured something and they can share how they do that and as a listener they can take little bits and pieces and implement that in their life however big or however small they want,” he said.

Traeger’s latest guests are living through some historic times.

“Traeger has always been super influential in my life and a lot of other students so it was really nice to participate in a podcast that is getting his message spread out there to more than just his own students, it’s to everyone,” Rhiannon Briggs, Southridge senior said.

Briggs, the class president, who played soccer and racquetball, is off to Santa Clara with plans on double majoring in neuroscience and philosophy.

Nathan Eng is a cross country runner who lost his senior season in track due to the pandemic will head down to the University of Oregon to study computer science and cinema studies.

“The overall message of the podcast itself is how life is always a journey and to capture these moments and we are always working on our character,” Eng said.

Both wrote open letters to the class of 2020.

“It also shows how much our young people are ready to make an impact and are capable of making an impact,” Traeger said.

Courage, attitude, perspective, truth, uniqueness, recognition, empathy and capture it.

“We are making these sacrifices and I want to make sure that we are intentional with what we do right now because there are a lot of ways we can make change that really pulls us together as a class and shows that we have the perseverance and the integrity to continue helping better the world throughout our lives,” Briggs said.

This was the smallest graduating class Southridge has ever had, but they hope the 2020 vision will never be forgotten.

“I think it is a great lesson for us and a great reminder that things are thrown at you that you have never experienced before so I believe our class can really benefit from this experience,” Eng said.

“I can’t wait. Five years from now, 10 years from now, see what they are doing and invite them back on the show because those two will go make an impact in this world, I guarantee it,” Traeger said.

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