Spending more time at home? Consider some home improvements

Spending more time at home? Consider some home improvements

But beware of the challenges

What I know for sure is that with being ensconced at home, many homeowners have been conducting remodeling projects, upgrading appliances and systems or getting to those honey-do lists that have been being put off. I can say that I have been one of those homeowners and would love to share with you my experience and new found wisdom.

My ongoing remodeling experience… Oh my!

Friends of mine have been telling me that I have taken a big bite out of the proverbial apple and here is why. With 80% of the exterior of my townhome being updated – which includes siding, roof, gutters, windows, deck, privacy wall and painting – that is plenty to be living through.

The level of pounding during the roofing portion was deafening. Being required to work from home and not having opportunity to work from a coffee shop due to the shutdown made work almost impossible. I pounded aspirin like the contractors pounded nails.

During this period, that is still ongoing, the CPVC piping that was original and extremely brittle was needing to be replaced. And since one of my pipes burst during the exterior work, it made sense to go ahead and move forward with having my entire townhome re-piped, taking three days with incessant sawing and more pounding.

Just before this occurred, I had a standing shower removed from my master bathroom making room for custom cabinets. I did this because my primary master bathroom included a separate standing shower and a tub shower combo, of which I did not need both but did need storage. What I was focused upon was getting my house more like the home I envisioned it to be.

Needless to say, these types of projects always take longer than anticipated.

The exterior work discovered rot around two windows and thereby requiring contractors to come inside as well as work from the outside. Between the shower removal, the re-piping and window framing to be opened to the studs I was beside myself in dust! Drywall repair is extremely messy, dusty and is like sand getting into every nook and cranny. And this is with areas being protected with plastic covering. Albeit they were always so nice and professional, I could not wait to see the backs of them. The thought of waking up one more day to someone else in my home, and the noise, was literally driving me to eating whole bags of chocolate chips!

Once a project starts, it grows!

Afterwards I decided that I would paint myself as I like the concept of sweat equity and felt like I was hemorrhaging money every time I turned around. I seemed to continuously find additional items to address like new fans in three bathrooms, a new toilet in the half bath and replacing my mantel with a live edge wood style mantel.

Throughout this time, I have been sleeping on my couch. It is a domino effect: you can’t do task A without having completed B and so on. Needless to say, I am almost done with painting, which included a large accent wall, three bathrooms, two bedrooms (one left to do) and the ceilings of those rooms.

The moral of my story?

The moral is that having work done on your home is important and does add value but it can also be very intense. If you can move out while work is being done that will definitely help you keep your sanity. If not, have work done in increments, possibly one room at a time. Make sure to get a massage, facial or beauty treatment of any kind and keep your favorite comfort foods and beverages nearby!

Is it worth doing work yourself?

I think so. Again, I am all for sweat equity. However, know your limits because doing it yourself does not always add value and the quality of using a professional is often worth the inconvenience. Like a wise Betty Davis once said, “Buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride!’.

Blessings in this holiday season!

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