Spring is the beginning of the selling season, real estate is alive and well

Spring is the beginning of the selling season, real estate is alive and well



With interest rates doing a dance, sellers have decided that it is time to sell and indeed it is. It seems crazy to think we are already in March; the new year just began. And as we enter Spring, the beginning of the season for selling a home, we are already seeing strong interest.

We have experienced multiple offers, strong open house traffic, and eager buyers ready to move forward and find their first home, a larger home or downsizing to one that delivers more manageability. With new lending programs being offered, more options and opportunities are available for buyers.

If you are wondering if it is worth selling when rates are higher than when you last purchased or re-financed, it is worth speaking to a knowledgeable lender. As markets adjust so do lending programs. It is easy to think that it isn’t worth doing all due to rates, however that is not always true. Just as the health industry changes to accommodate the latest health concern, so too does the lending industry adjust to meet the needs of the consumer. Also, reverse mortgages can be a great vehicle to purchase if you are 62 years or older.

When thinking about moving, planning is your friend as it will help make the process go more smoothly, be less stressful and help to be prepared if a hiccup occurs. I can’t recommend enough to include your Realtor in your planning so they can guide you in achieving your goals. If you will be buying, speak to and work with a lender. These professionals are ready to serve and protect you in the journey of helping you home!


Generations in a home is a treasure, downsizing is a gift! Please feel free to contact Mature Moves Made Easy or the Mature Moves Real Estate Team at 971-227-1302 or email Kimberly@mmret.com.