Stay Flexible with These Joint-Health Tips

Stay Flexible with These Joint-Health Tips

Your joints are some of the most vital parts of your musculoskeletal system. Proper joint function is important for ensuring your body stays flexible and limber through a variety of situations. Over time, joint weakness can cause chronic pain and ongoing suffering from basic everyday activities.

So how do we keep our joints healthy and working hard for us? Here are three tips for giving your joints some tender loving care each day:

Bodies in Motion Stay in Motion

One of the best ways to keep your joints moving smoothly is to keep them working consistently each day. With as little as thirty minutes of low-impact exercise daily, you can continue to keep your joints strong and flexible and strengthen the muscles that keep joints in place. So get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather – it’s good for your joints!

Hit the Weights

Your joints will work at their most efficient levels when your muscles provide the support necessary. If you want to keep your joints working hard, consider adding resistance training and stretching exercises that will keep your muscles strong and supportive. As you grow older, consistent muscle training will help keep your bones strong and low down the effects of aging on your joints.

Make Healthy Choices

Ensure that you are consuming the necessary levels of calcium and vitamin D to provide strong nourishment for your bones. Also, consider choosing food that is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants to help lower inflammation and strengthen your joints. Avoid harmful habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol, which can lead to weaker bones and increased risk of injury.

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