Steeped in Steampunk, Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium Delights

Steeped in Steampunk, Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium Delights

Tea and steampunk enthusiasts from all over the globe are traveling to Beaverton to immerse themselves in the luxurious quirkiness of the Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium. Located on Broadway Street downtown, Maggie and Harold Nolder have lovingly created the only steampunk themed tea house in the world.

Steampunk is a subculture that evokes a kind of soot covered whimsical futurism by merging 19th century industrialism with Victorian fashion, and science fiction. The Nolders felt that “steampunk fit the vibe,” of the historic building on Broadway. In homage to the once well-known confectionary in the same building, the Nolders created their own located in the entrance to the tea house. After passing by bright colored candies and gifts, visitors become captivated the beautifully idiosyncratic tea rooms.

Each two-hour long reservation includes a customized meal of house-made savory and sweet treats served on three tiered towers, along with a kettle of one of their ninety-two varieties of tea. Mimosas can be added to the experience and special diets are generally accommodated.

Every aspect of the atmosphere has been literally handcrafted by the family, from the inlaid floor octopus outlined in shiny pennies to the 33-foot-long airship hanging from the ceiling. Chandeliers are made from antique teacups and even the paintings have been carefully created.

Customers are encouraged to relax and come as they are, dressed in anything from Victorian garb to jeans. Patrons are only asked to refrain from wearing flip-flops or fragrances.

The Nolders inspiration for Clockwork came from visiting tea houses in Ireland where tea service “is not as rigid as a typical English tea.” “Coffee is a drink but tea is an experience,” Harold mentions highlighting the “slower setting” and lack of Wi-Fi there. Even the 20,000 Leagues themed bathroom, which is Oregon’s most photographed restroom, deserves exploring.

Clockwork also incorporates annual events into their already remarkable settings, including Harry Potter, Mad Hatter, and Dickens themes. They also sponsor a room at the Pittock Mansion every year during Christmastime.

Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium isn’t just an Open Table award-winning tea house but an imaginatively engaging experience like no other, where time really does “stop for tea.”

The Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium is located at 12412 SW Broadway St. For more information including reservations, text (503) 739-5120 or visit