Stock up on peaches and watermelons

Stock up on peaches and watermelons



Marketgoers enjoy abundant fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, local seafood and meat products, and of course, lots of novelties from our creative and forward-thinking vendors. This month, stock up on peaches from Baird Family Orchards and watermelons from Hermiston Melon Co., pick up fresh sweet corn at H&A Family Farm, grab tomatoes at Riverland Family Farms, and find more produce that will inspire you to cook healthy!

If you are looking for sustainable plant-based options, we have an entire aisle dedicated just to that! Among the vendors that cater to our vegan community, you will find Nate’s Oatmeal Cookies, which started with the beloved family recipe and grew into a great display of quality baked goods to any taste! Ona Yogurt produces vegan Greek-style yogurt and dips, a delicious substitute for the store brands. Thrilling Foods brand provides 100% plant-based “bakon strips”, a great addition to a healthy breakfast or a vegetarian recipe. You will find lots of gluten-free baked options like Tipping The Scales Vegan Bakery, Sinful Confections, our superstar sweets dealer, and Kakaiba, vegan cupcakes with a sprinkle of humor.

Our market vendors are always innovating, and we are thrilled to see the growth some of our vendors have experienced. In just the last month alone, we have seen several of them opening brick-and-mortar locations. Our very own taste of Miami, La Floridita, has finally opened its doors in downtown Beaverton. Please stop by their storefront to pick up delicious Cuban croquettes and pastries. For a unique bite of Tibetan flavors, stop by Himalayan Dumplings; their doors are open on Fridays in their cute cafe. The rest of the week, they are working hard to provide ready-to-cook dumplings and pies to the markets around the area. You can find their dumplings at BFM on Saturdays.

As usual, each Saturday market provides live entertainment with local bands. Stop by the community booths to learn about all the organizations hard at work preserving the history of our area and helping those in need and see how you could get involved. Have a hot fresh lunch and a refreshing beverage, and have a great time at the Market!

One of our vendors, HYCH sauce (Heat You Can Handle) is organizing an exciting food tour to Costa Rica in April 2024. This inspired us to find a recipe that will take you on a culinary trip in your own home!


Market Recipe: Costa Rica style Ceviche

Ceviche in Costa Rica is different from its counterparts in Central America because firm white fish (sea bass, mahi-mahi, marlin, etc) and shellfish are marinated in lime or lemon juice for at least an hour. If you are uncertain about the best fish to use for this dish, check in with our fish vendors, Linda Brand Crab or TreFin, for advice.

  • Add diced tomatoes,
  • Minced shallots,
  • And fresh cilantro to your taste.


The locals also call for a bit of ketchup or Tabasco sauce, but there’s no right or wrong way on how to serve it. So, why not let your imagination fly!