Stormie is big and lovable, Help give him a new home

Stormie is big and lovable, Help give him a new home



Stormie’s human passed away unexpectedly of heart failure in March of 2016.  Her human’s best friend took her in although the hard truth was, she never wanted to keep her.

Now she’s moving to Wyoming and is not able to take her along.  Her 55-pound Red Healer was also always picking on her and has torn the skin underneath her chin.  This is where the Pacific Pug Rescue stepped in.

We picked up 9-year-old Stormie in early October.  This poor sweet girl is extremely overweight and is barely able to breathe because of combination of her weight and a very bad airway. Her teeth are also in awful shape.  A weight loss plan was started immediately, and we started dealing with her other health issues.  She was in dire need of brachycephalic airway surgery so that she could breathe better.

Thankfully, Dr. Thomas and staff at the Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency Hospital are always so helpful with our pugs, and he was kind enough to get her in immediately for her airway surgery! How is that for service? She is already breathing so much better after she had her palate trimmed, nares widened, and they took some of the tissue off her nose fold as it was blocking her nose!

This is step one in her journey.  She will heal from this for a couple weeks and then go to the dentist. She also has a mast cell tumor on her leg that needs to be removed.

I know that seems like a lot, but Stormie is looking forward to her new life.


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