Street Visioning & events are coming: Your feedback is welcome, get involved!

Street Visioning & events are coming: Your feedback is welcome, get involved!



Have you ever wanted to bike or walk into downtown, but felt like the streets were not safe enough for your kids or people you love? Have you ever walked or rolled across Farmington or Canyon and felt an increase in anxiety or fear due to the cars speeding through the intersection next to you?

Most of us have experienced something similar. And that’s why are so excited to share the opportunity to envision how our downtown streets can be safer, more equitable, and more sustainable for everyone.

The City of Beaverton is welcoming feedback on the Downtown Loop project that will enhance Watson Avenue and Hall Boulevard through downtown Beaverton.  Visit the City project page to learn more and give your voice:

If we are not comfortable with our kids walking around downtown due to the dangers of vehicular traffic, then our streets are not safe enough. We have an opportunity here to protect our most vulnerable neighbors. So, give your voice!

Also, be on the lookout for tickets to go on sale for our downtown Beaverton bubble tea walk event! It’ll be on April 30, National Bubble Tea Day. We expect tickets to go on sale towards the end of March.

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See you in downtown,

~ Kevin Teater

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