Subalpine Mariposa: In Greek, it means Beautiful Grass

Subalpine Mariposa: In Greek, it means Beautiful Grass

Other common name are Subalpine Mariposa Lily, Mountain Cat’s Ear, Cascade Mariposa Lily.

  • Binomial Name: Calochortus subalpinus
  • Soil Type: Well-drained
  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
  • Plant Type: Perennial wildflower
  • Flower: Creamy white with orange center

A stunning staple of subalpine meadows throughout our region, the mountain cat’s ear lily sports an attractive cluster of creamy white flowers in early to mid-summer. The genus name Calochortus means “beautiful grass” in Greek and refers to the basal, grass-like leaves. Plan a summer trip to Paradise Park on the slopes of Mount Hood or the Boundary Trail north of Mount Saint Helens to see this little PNW native in action.


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