Summer Hiring is Coming! Notes from an Employment Specialist

Summer Hiring is Coming! Notes from an Employment Specialist



It has been a privilege to share so many stories of individuals who have found success in great fit employment with the support of people like employment specialists and job coaches. But that is only part of the story. The invaluable partnerships with employers who share a common goal and desire to assist in the success of all their employees makes this collaboration just one piece of the amazing puzzle that is Supported Employment.


What we do:

We assist with helping you maintain a diverse workforce. There is an inherent satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that your business is making a difference in people’s lives, and also knowing that by providing opportunities, your business can thrive. One of the most exciting elements of supported employment is not only seeing the individuals we support lives change, but being a part of a team that gets to share in that success.

We use a person-centered mindset to understand our clients’ interests, skills and talents. We seek out employment opportunities that will be a mutual good fit. We assist our clients with interviews, onboarding, training and job coaching. We collaborate with employers to celebrate accomplishments and strategize opportunities for growth. I personally love that communication! Our mission to provide outstanding service is incomplete without our partners, and that is also worth celebrating.

So as summer approaches and hiring is in full swing, consider Supported Employment – and join the celebration. We can’t wait to collaborate!


By Kristi Metschan. For more info about our mission & programs, call Glenn Bishop: (503)-265-9256 or email