Summertime is Flower Time in Beaverton

Summertime is Flower Time in Beaverton

Tips for hanging your own basket

Late spring and summer is flower planting time. Everyone’s busy doing yard work and planting flowers or putting up Hanging Baskets. In Beaverton, the City puts up 360 beautiful flower baskets and plants other annuals all around town in planters and in flower beds. The flowers are Colorful and fun but also a lot of work.

One of the most common mistakes made by home gardeners trying to grow flower baskets is underestimating the amount of water and fertilizer needed to keep a flowerpot constantly blooming. Hanging baskets should be watered every day until water has flowed through the bottom of the pot and fertilizing is recommended twice a week with a water-soluble fertilizer. This will keep them healthy and blooming all summer.

But do not forget about the bugs!

The two most common bugs on flowering baskets are aphids and Bud worm. If your plants are looking healthy but have no blooms it is more than likely the bud worm. They come out at night and feast on the blossoms and then retreat to the soil unnoticed. They can be very harmful if untreated.

Flowers that are growing on the ground are very susceptible to slug and snail damage. Slugs and snails also feed at night and will eat leaves as well as blossoms. Slugs and snails are usually controlled with bait spread around the flower bed area. So, keep a watch out for bugs and keep the water flowing and your flowers will look great!

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