Super student wants to be a neurosurgeon to help people with Parkinson’s

Super student wants to be a neurosurgeon to help people with Parkinson’s



Meet Kasey, a 13-year-old Kumon Student since 2013. She has completed the Reading Program and is nearing completion of the Math Program. Kumon has helped Kasey develop confidence to excel in school and advance above grade level. Doing so has also allowed her to invest more time into subjects she loves such as science.

When Kasey grows up, she aspires to become a neurosurgeon so she can help people with Parkinson’s Disease and uncover the mysteries of the human brain. Kasey has already started learning and applying her science knowledge in a variety of competitions and projects.

Kasey was recognized as a top 30 finalist out of 1,807 entrants from the USA, Guam and Puerto Rico!

She said, “It is a great honor to know I was selected from 1,807 students and to be able to show my science project at a national level. This achievement has motivated me to continue working hard on any project or goal I set in my life, and I feel so proud for it.”

Kasey enjoys playing the violin and piano. With her love of music and the desire to build awareness for Parkinson’s disease, Kasey organized a PARKIN-SONG event. This was a five-day online event in which Kasey, her friends, and artists, such as Gloria Estefan, performed music to raise money and increase awareness for the disease. They did so on behalf of the Parkinson’s Foundation.

Kasey has also given back in her community by collecting money to provide donuts and coffee to local hospitals. She calls the event “Donuts for Doctors.” Part of this event includes the distribution of thank you notes made by other students at her school to show appreciation.


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