Take Gorgeous Sparklers Photos with a few easy steps

Take Gorgeous Sparklers Photos with a few easy steps



How to Take Sparkler Portraits. We recommend using a lens that is f/2.8 or wider.

Step 1: In manual mode, open your aperture as wide as you can go and set your shutter speed to 1/125th of a second and your ISO to a starting point of 800.

Step 2: Take a photo.

Step 3: Review your photos. If the image is too dark, increase your ISO. If the image is too bright, decrease your ISO. If you find that your subject is too ‘soft’ and you want a deeper depth of field (‘sharper image’), increase your aperture to a higher number (stop).

How to Write with a Sparkler.

Step 1: Find a spot where your subject(s) have space to stand side by side, parallel to the camera. The camera must be on a tripod.

Step 2: Figure out what you want to write or draw. Keep in mind that when you write, you want to write backwards as the camera will be facing you.

Step 3: Manually focus on your subjects using a flashlight or phone light to assist.

Step 4: Set your camera to Shutter-priority, with a shutter speed to 8 seconds. Set the ISO to 100 and start shooting.

Step 5: Review your image. If what you wrote out was not ‘complete’, add on more time to your shutter speed. If the timing was perfect, but the image is darker than what you want, increase your ISO (in this example, to 400 or 800).

We hope that this guide helped you take some fun photos with your family this July 4th! Always bring a bucket of water and keep your gear a healthy distance away from fireworks.

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