Take your photography to a whole new level 3 ways to bring a little magic to your pictures

Take your photography to a whole new level 3 ways to bring a little magic to your pictures



Photography is all about the creative process of using your environment to show your artistic expression via a still image. Every type of shot you take has some form of art attached to it. That’s why today I wanted to help get those creative juices flowing by talking about a couple of DIY ideas to take your artistic photography to a whole new level!


Anamorphic Lens Flare

If you have ever watched a JJ Abrams movie, you most definitely know about anamorphic lens flares. Unfortunately to achieve this look you usually need an anamorphic lens and these can cost anywhere from a couple hundred and upwards of $50,000. Luckily there is a really simple (and very affordable) trick to help give you the same sort of look with your current lens set up. All you need is to attach a piece of fishing line in front of your lens. You can control how strong of a flare you would like depending on the density of the fishing line you are using as well!


Rain on Command

Water droplets are a very easy and fun way to add a little more to your photo. But if it isn’t raining when you want some water droplets, have no fear! Just take a spray bottle and give a piece of glass a few squirts to give it that post rain look! You can do this with macro photography as well on things such as plants or spider webs to give them a really appealing look.


Mirror Magic

There are MANY things you can do with reflections from a mirror. But one of the coolest things I have recently seen is using the mirror to mimic the look of a pool of water. You can achieve this by setting a mirror on the ground (it works a little better when placed in grass or a field) and pouring water over the glass. I thought this was really unique and could be used in so many different ways.


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