Tatum is a 6th grade super student learning to stick with it

Tatum is a 6th grade super student learning to stick with it



Tatum’s middle name is very special to her: Beryl. She shares this name with her biggest inspiration, Beryl Markham, the first female bush pilot in Kenya. Markham also happens to be the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean East to West – a huge accomplishment.

“She was smart, courageous, and a talented pilot with a knack for writing. She valued her mind and pushed boundaries not only for women, but also for the entire aviation community,” says Tatum about Beryl Markham. Like her role model, Tatum also aims to push boundaries and inspire those around her.

For Tatum, it all started with education and knowledge. From an early age she learned that these would be the key to her success. After enrolling in Kumon at six years old, she discovered a love for learning and continued grasping on to new lessons.

“Having this passion for learning instilled in me at a young age has helped me succeed in all of my classes and prepared me for anything I plan to accomplish in life,” says Tatum. She has hopes to one day become an engineer, author, or a podcast host – or maybe even all three! Tatum is eager to put to work her math, reading and writing skills that she was able to strengthen during her time in Kumon.

As a rising trailblazer like her role model, Tatum is making remarkable strides towards reaching all her goals. She was recognized for her efforts and was selected as one of 155 students from Canada, USA, and Mexico to attend the 2020 Virtual Kumon Student Conference. “One of my goals was to reach J by 6th grade, something that I accomplished, and I was so proud of myself for this.”

“I enjoyed hearing about the alumni’s experiences with Kumon and how it helped them get jobs and be accepted to prestigious colleges. It showed how much sticking with it can help, and how people will appreciate all the hard work you put into the program,” says Tatum.


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