Teaching kids life skills. Build YOUR roadmap, create YOUR world

Teaching kids life skills. Build YOUR roadmap, create YOUR world

When we last wrote about Beaverton resident Jeff Otis, the founder of Project OTY (Outstanding & Talented You), he’d just published his book, “Transform with Confidence”. Since then, Jeff authored a workbook titled “Build YOUR Roadmap, Create YOUR World” for high school students and adults.

Both the book (for parents) and the workbook (for students) introduce individuals to thought-provoking exercises and a process for developing personal leadership skills (Life skills for the 21st century).

This year, Freshman at Beaverton High School along with students at other Oregon high schools are going through the workbook for their first time. Dr. Anne Erwin, Principal at BHS said, “Project OTY helps teach kids the skills they’re going to need for the rest of their life. It’s helps our teachers have the type of conversations they want to have with students.” Teacher Katy Robinson at BHS said, “This could have a massive global impact.”

The Project OTY experience helps foster a culture of hope and belief. Students learn how to manage transformative times while developing the attributes and behaviors associated with being personally accountable in the pursuit of their dreams.

Jeff recently testified with the Oregon Senate Education Committee and is currently working with local educators to ensure all I’s are dotted, and T’s are crossed for addressing diverse communities like we have in Beaverton before taking this project across the country.

The books are currently available on Amazon. The workbook is available in Spanish and English. To learn more, or to connect with Jeff, visit: ProjectOTY.com