Teen Essay: Thrifting is changing the way I look at fashion

Teen Essay: Thrifting is changing the way I look at fashion

What is Thrifting?

As some of you may have noticed, the fashion industry has been changing. Lately, a lot of my friends and I have been shopping at thrift stores. At first, “thrifting” just seemed like a simple way to get some cheap, unique clothes. But, now that thrift stores have become one of the only places I get my clothes, I’m realizing that they can have more positive impacts on the world than just the fact that they’re cheap.

First of all, thrift stores are surprisingly good for the environment. When clothing items are reused and bought second-hand, less clothes are being made. A lot of people don’t know that producing clothes actually causes a lot of pollution. When less clothes are being made and transported, pollution decreases and the Earth is healthier. This is one reason I continue to shop at thrift stores.

Another reason I love shopping at places such as Goodwill is because many support different charities. They provide services to the disabled, unemployed, and homeless. I think this is really important to think about because every time you pay at thrift stores that support these charities, you know your money is going to a place where it can change someone’s life.

The last reason I value thrift stores is because they constantly have new selections. As a high schooler, I’m always trying to vary my style and what I wear. With thrift stores, I can always find a cool, unique, cheap piece of clothing that I’ve never seen before. So, next time you’re going on a shopping spree, be sure to check out some local thrift stores.

Kili is a sophomore at Mountainside High School. She loves singing, playing piano and ukulele, and also running track and field.