Teen Poetry Contest Winners

The Beaverton Library Foundation sponsored prizes for the top three poems each for Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). Poems had to adhere to the Haiku format. Poems in this form must be three lines with a 5 / 7 / 5 syllable count.

Middle School Winners

1st Place – The Forest by Megan Laughman, Grade 7

  • Forest with oak trees,
  • Wolves howling through the green leaves,
  • Flowing streams quiver.

2nd Place – I See My Sister by Ruby Stott, Grade 7

  • I see my sister
  • A fairground mirror image
  • Of my younger self

3rd Place – Untitled by Lewis Anderson, Grade 6

  • A fast flowing creek
  • That’s well shaded, clear and cold,
  • Plants thrive on the banks

Honorable Mention – Breaking Free by Lily Wand, Grade 7

  • Snoring dreaming dog
  • Waiting for the door to crack
  • To burst out of dreams

High School Winners

1st Place – Be Careful by Miranda-Yvonne

  • Gyldersleve, Grade 9
  • Friendship is fragile
  • Too much silence will bend it

Your words will break it

2nd Place – The Gardener’s Manifesto by Rebecca Vasilache, Grade 10

  • Love them through the frost.
  • Accept the shriveled, rancid –
  • you’re nursing Eden.

3rd Place – Fire by Will Leonard, Grade 10

  • Lime green on charred black,
  • Eager growth surrounds burnt trunks,
  • Life always returns.

Honorable Mention – Sandy Cheeks by Griffin Albertson, Grade 12

  • Chubby cheeked rascal
  • Bit my finger for a nut

Now I have rabies