Thai is gearing up for spring training

Thai is gearing up for spring training




Finding a first job can be a challenging experience. Having interests is a great start, they help form goals which give an idea of where to begin. Thai Pham has an expressed interest in the trades and was ready for meaningful employment. He had participated in a few volunteer work experiences as a student which helped distinguish Thai as a motivated, hard worker. Thai’s teacher and job developer introduced him to the Park Maintenance Crew with THPRD – Manager Chris Arnold gave Thai a tour of the grounds and a thorough description of what is involved with being part of the crew. Thai decided to apply and was offered the position!

From the first day of work, Thai was ready to focus and get to work. He started in November and the tasks primarily consisted of assisting with checking the trash cans and using the leaf blower to clear the sidewalks. This task was an everyday project! He also assisted with taking down the goal nets at the end of soccer season, spreading bark chips and helping clear branches after stormy weather. Now the crew is gearing up for spring training and all the activities that follow. Thai has enjoyed learning new skills and especially enjoys working outside. He never worries about the weather and is ready for rain, wind, or sun. He likes having conversations with his coworkers. Everyone who works with him says he is awesome and a perfect fit for their crew! He has a great team who not only appreciates how hard he works and the dependability he demonstrates, but they enjoy getting to know him too!

It’s easy to see that Thai is blazing a trail toward a great career with Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation Department. Congratulations on your first job, Thai!


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