Thank you for the wonderful memories, Betty Crocker

Thank you for the wonderful memories, Betty Crocker

My mom has always made Betty Crocker’s banana bread. It’s moist and rich in flavor because it is made with buttermilk and mushy, almost black, bananas. This banana bread is the best you will ever eat. Chock-full of chocolate chips, it’s a dessert I get to eat for breakfast almost every day.

The recipe came to be part of my family’s tradition when my mom was engaged to my father. As a Vietnamese woman who had never really cooked American food, she decided she wanted to learn how to make all the food she thought her soon-to-be husband (my father) would like.

I should probably mention that my father is from a tiny one street town in rural Iowa. My mother, being a smart woman, chose the most American woman she knew to teach her and so quickly bought Betty Crocker’s 40th Anniversary Cookbook.

Betty soon taught my mom to cook pancakes, meat loaf, beef stroganoff, and, of course, banana bread. Today, the bright red, spiraled recipe book is pristine except for the “breads” and “dessert” sections. The page that houses the banana bread recipe is torn out, and as a consequence, is never stuffed between the same pages twice and prone to fall out when in transit from the bookshelf to the kitchen.

This page is covered with batter stains, ripped so a part of the recipe is missing, and crinkled to the point where the paper shines a translucent yellow. In short, it’s a well-loved staple in my family.

This recipe is one of many traditions my mother started for my sisters and I. Unknowingly, she shaped our taste buds and engrained a love so deep that my sisters would crave banana bread and many other staples from home when going off to college or medical school.

As so many people have reflected before me, there’s something so wonderful about food and the memories we associate with it. There’s something irreplaceable about a home cooked meal from your childhood.


Elisabeth Dellit is an 11th Grader at Jesuit High School. She enjoys reading, writing creative stories, baking/cooking and participating in her school’s drama program.