The Affordable Care Act: Success and Failure

By Christopher Levesque

Since the implantation of the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA or Obama Care), most of us have seen our health care change.

If you are on an employer sponsored plan you may have seen the amount you contribute to the cost of the plan increase. Your deductible may be higher and the maximum out of pocket increased. The ACA was not created with the employer plan in mind.

The Success

For those of us on individual plans, the purpose of the ACA was to provide affordable access to health insurance for all. In Oregon, that was accomplished, helping some and penalizing others.

I have helped many people who could neither afford nor qualify for health insurance due to pre-existing conditions purchase plans through Many receive a premium subsidy to pay for their plan. This access to affordable care helped change their lives. The good news for these people is that the subsidy will continue for qualified applicants in 2019.

The Failure

For those I’ve helped that don’t qualify for a subsidized plan, determination is all based on income and their costs have gone up. These plans have changed each year as health insurance carriers have left the market place. To make matters worse, those carriers that remain have restricted access to service within their own provider networks.

The concept was the more people insured and contributing to the costs of health insurance, the more money in the pool and this would lower the overall cost to each of us. Unfortunately, this has not happened.

To be continued next month

Don’t forget that open enrollment is November 1st – December 15th.

Christopher has been helping Individuals and families with their health insurance needs for over 15 years. He lives in Beaverton and is a partner in Insurance Partners NW. Questions? Contact me at 503.372.5621