The Best of Beaverton: Recognizing those who make a difference

The Best of Beaverton: Recognizing those who make a difference

I am privileged to witness firsthand the incredible initiatives and contributions that make our city a vibrant community. This March, in conjunction with our annual State of the City address, we launched an exciting new tradition: The Best of Beaverton awards. This initiative was designed to shine a spotlight on the remarkable individuals and organizations whose efforts have significantly enriched our community.

The Best of Beaverton awards were a heartfelt acknowledgment of those who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the city. We celebrated the achievements of a diverse group of honorees, including non-profit organizations such as Project Homeless Connect, which has been instrumental in providing housing and essential services to the homeless population. The awards also highlighted residents like Terry Lawler, whose dedication to serving on city Boards and Commissions exemplifies the spirit of civic engagement.

Furthermore, we recognized the exceptional commitment of educators and counselors, including Cohen Perry and Jocelin Morales, who have tirelessly worked to support and inspire their students. In addition, groups such as the THPRD maintenance crew and the personnel at TVF&R Fire Stations were honored for their crucial roles in ensuring our safety, especially during the challenging winter ice storms.

The complete list of award winners, showcasing their achievements and contributions, can be found at This initiative was not just about recognition; it was a celebration of the collective spirit and resilience of Beaverton’s residents. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary efforts of our community members. Their contributions are what make Beaverton not just a place to live, but a vibrant, caring, and inclusive community. It is their dedication that continually inspires us and drives our city forward, making Beaverton a truly remarkable place to call home.


Lacey Beaty was elected Mayor of Beaverton in 2020. Prior to serving as Mayor, she served for six years on the Beaverton City Council.