The Candy Rat is on the Prowl BEWARE!!!!

The Candy Rat is on the Prowl BEWARE!!!!

The story: A young boy asks his parents… will the Candy Rat get my Halloween Candy this year?

The rat is on the prowl for the Halloween candy. A boy and his sister know the Rat is near.

  • Will the children be able to keep their candy safe?
  • Is it their job to protect their candy?
  • Will they discover ways to keep it from the Candy Rat?
  • Who will win?

Based upon an actual childhood tradition, Marty Smith Young shares with parents a clever way to quickly and creatively diminish the Halloween stash of trick-or-treat candies while teaching children a lesson about teamwork.

Through delightful illustrations and rhyming narration, children can learn to handle fear and frustration through fantasy. Parents will love the idea of limiting Halloween candy by engaging in a fun game for children as they figure out ways to outwit the rat. A “Must-Read” for children who want the scare and excitement that Halloween can deliver.

About the Author: Marty Smith Young is a 1995 graduate of Jesuit High School. As a cherished childhood memory, Marty recalls his mother explaining the gradual disappearance of Halloween candy due to the candy obsessed rat. Places to hide candy were never sufficient; the rat always won. The memories of how much he enjoyed this emotionally charged holiday inspired Marty to put the RAT story into narrative. His intention was to capture the fantasy and illusion of Halloween so it can be handed down from to a new generation of kids.

Mary Elizabeth Smith is Marty’s mother, a Beaverton resident and publisher of “The Candy Rat.” The Candy Rat Book….A Halloween Tradition can be directly purchased through, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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