The car market is still in a crazy place

The car market is still in a crazy place



Hello loyal Beaverton readers! Thank you to everyone who has written in, called and emailed with automotive questions.

This month we have had a number of questions asked about the current crazy car market and the availability of new cars and trucks. So, here is what I see as I go about my day finding cars for my clients.

The quick answer is ‘yes’, I am able to get new vehicles. However, currently, manufacturers are building what makes sense to them with obvious supply chain issues as well as the microchip shortages. Some hybrid and electric vehicles are also available, however, none that I personally would recommend yet.


Buying new cars

So, speaking of the ability to purchase a new vehicle, we still cannot get exactly what we want as far as paint color, or interior color. Plus, we may or may not be able to get the options we want. Special ordering of new vehicles seems to be opening up a bit and in some cases a new vehicle can be ordered, built, and in your driveway within 120 days.


Buying pre-owned cars (under $20k)

For pre-owned cars, things haven’t changed a bit. There remains to be an extremely high demand for used vehicles and in the in the under $20k category, for example, expect high mileage, high pricing and few options.


Buying former rental cars

Former rental cars are also available but I do not recommend these as they are typically driven hard, seldomly serviced, and lord knows what else as a tourist drives it off the lot! Plus they are priced the same as non- former rental cars so there is not much reason to buy one under any circumstances. In my opinion, purchasing these cars is an invitation for trouble.


Some deals are still to be had outside of Portland

As far as purchasing a used vehicle that is 2-3 years old, I’ve seen the price of these cars even exceed the cost of a new vehicle, especially if it is purchased in the Portland Metro area. Note that I have been able to get some very nice deals on used cars just outside of the Metro area.


Buying pre-owned cars (under $10k)

Lastly, for the under $10k price category, be very careful if you plan to go it alone. Not only are dealerships still doing their best to sell at inflated prices, but they may also be aggressive in selling back-end products like extended warranties or GAP insurance.


Bottom line

My suggestion for all of my loyal readers is to be careful, do your research and if possible, go through a reputable auto broker whose job it is to keep you protected and insulate you from the sellers. Even if you think you are a shrewd negotiator, that will not work in today’s market.

Thank You all for reading. Please continue to ask questions and I will answer as soon as I am able.


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