The Community Transition Program: Helping to connect students with employment opportunities

The Community Transition Program: Helping to connect students with employment opportunities

Planning for the future is no easy task for any parent or guardian, but for those who have students with disabilities, the options may seem limiting and the barriers overwhelming. Thankfully, the Beaverton School District (BSD) has a wonderful program to help! The Community Transition Program (CTP) exists to assist 18-21-year-old students who have graduated from high school with a modified diploma and are eligible for special education services until the end of the school year in which they turn 21. During this time, they increase their ability to live independently and make progress toward their post-secondary education goals, including employment. This is where agencies like Dirkse Counseling & Consulting, Inc. join as partners with the BSD CTP to assist in the process of finding their first paid job in the community.

On the evening of February 6th, Cindy Bahl, Director of Business Development and Tara McIntosh, Discovery Specialist of Dirkse CC, joined other employment providers, non-profits, and support organizations to help educate parents and students around the employment process. Christopher Harvey-Foltz, Administrator for Special Programs at BSD CTP shared, “This event is able to showcase what is next, what is beyond our transition program, for both the students and their parents. It gives them an opportunity to hear from a wide range of community organizations and services and establish connections with real people. The parent feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and many parents noted how great it was to be able to hear about an organization and ask questions in real-time.”

Transition teacher Steven Baer stated, “Sometimes a quick meet and greet is all that is needed to create a wonderful partnership for our students and their families. As the night grows, so does the future of our students!”

The Parent Night at BSD CTP is just one of the tools that students and parents have to help them reach their goals. The next step toward success comes in obtaining their first job with employers in the community who are willing to give them an opportunity to show their talents and contribute to the workforce. How can you help? Connect us with Beaverton businesses that would like to learn more about this program, the students, and the skills they have to offer. Help us make the future bright for these motivated and eager young adults.

If your business would like to be more inclusive to people with different abilities, matching skill sets to your business needs, please reach out to Cindy Bahl, Director of Business Development & Amplify! Events at or call 503-258-7715.