The crocuses have arrived! Renewed hope with the Crocus

The crocuses have arrived! Renewed hope with the Crocus

Well, really, the bulbs have been in the ground the whole time, but what a sight it is to see signs of new life in what feels like the middle of winter here in the Pacific Northwest!

If you are anything like me, it’s about this time of year when the rains, cold, and wintry mix begins to feel like they are dragging on. Add the pandemic restrictions on top of this, and sometimes days feel downright unbearable!

It’s in times like these when noticing a crocus plant turns my thinking around for the better. Yes, we may be in the midst of winter, in the midst of some challenging days, but there is hope for brighter days ahead.

What things are you looking forward to these days?

Sometimes when we are trudging through the muck of the second half of winter, it helps to write these hopes and aspirations down. What things would you write down that you are looking forward to?

Our church life will also be participating in this renewed life in the coming months. What things are you excited for in the months ahead? Are you ready to worship in person? Share a communal meal? Gather for classes and events? Serve others in mission?

When I see the crocuses, I remember it’s time to start looking ahead. I’m reminded that yes, we have gone through some tough times, but we are still here, and still moving forward. It’s time to start voicing our hopes and dreams once again. Soon and very soon, it will be time to make that next step. I’m excited that we can do so together as one united Valley Community!

~Pastor Jeff Binder


Rev. Jeff Binder is the Pastor at Valley Community Presbyterian Church. Visit us at: