The Downsizing Process, let’s get real

The Downsizing Process, let’s get real



When we have a goal, such as downsizing, it can seem overwhelming and, in all reality, it is.  In working with our wonderful clients, we see a divorced individual without children in the area, couples who have no children, and parents with children nearby as well as various other family dynamics.   For those who have children to support, it makes a difference and for those who do not, it can push their emotional limits.

When spending day upon day picking away at piles of paperwork, miscellaneous belongings, and closets full of possessions, it can become monotonous trying to decide what to do with it all.  After a few days, even weeks, it can seem as though progress has not been made.

This was how one of our clients was feeling, when in reality, he had gained ground, he just had so many possessions, having received the remaining items from his deceased mother-in-law and the left behind items from his ex-wife.

It was an emotional journey for him.  We were so proud that he showed up and rose to the occasion as we helped him move through the excess furniture: décor, kitchen cookware and tools, office paperwork, linens, garage storage, yard tools and more.

We were able to share laughs, tease one another and encourage him when the days were tough.  Sitting, listening, and sharing were valuable moments and beneficial time spent amidst the downsizing process.

Feeling as though the process has been thrust upon you because of a divorce, or health concern, can add to the emotional weight as it zaps confidence, direction and motivation.  Remember the reason for downsizing, keeping the goal in mind all the time is vital to keeping the process, and you,  moving forward.


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