The Heartbeat of Beaverton: Small Businesses, Show some love to local businesses

The Heartbeat of Beaverton: Small Businesses, Show some love to local businesses



February is known to be the month full of hearts beating with love. The heart of Beaverton beats because small businesses drive that rhythm. According to a report issued by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2021, “…the United States is home to 32.5 million small businesses employing 46.8% of the private workforce.” In that same report, acting Chief Counsel Major L. Clark, III, states “Each of the 32.5 million small businesses in the United States are important engines of economic growth that can help speed economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The passion for small businesses is a two-way street. The entrepreneur must be passionate about what they do and who they serve. The public needs to be passionate about small businesses if their community is to remain vibrant and alive. We all have the freedom to spend our time and money as we please. By choosing to shop local, we have a direct impact on the kind of community we want to live in.

One way the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce helps is by promoting small businesses through their #shopchamberfirst, #shopsmall, and #shoplocal emphasis. A member-driven organization, the Chamber provides marketing and promotional opportunities for business and community connections through one-on-one mentoring as well as larger, networking events, introducing businesses to other businesses both inside and outside of their industry.


Ways to show your love:

Shop small: seek out new businesses and small businesses. For example, when shopping for books, check out The Book Corner (, whose mission is to support the Beaverton City Library through the sales of gently loved books and audio-visual materials. Sending flowers this month? Consider ordering direct from Beaverton Florists (, either in person or conveniently online. Fresh flowers always fit.

Shop local: keeping your dollars close to home allows your money to work double (or triple) time! The “chai latte with extra cinnamon” that was purchased at Brickhaus Coffee. ( paid the staff who then shopped at Bricks & Minifigs ( and scored some Lego collectibles!

Shop chamber: invest your money in those who have investing in their community. Chamber member businesses help other businesses grow strong sharing information, sharing resources, and connecting business to business. The efforts they put into getting traffic through their doors also brings traffic right past the doors of other businesses. There are over 400 local businesses who have stepped up to support our community. If you are a business owner, consider making the small investment. not sure where to find local business listing?


Visit the Chamber Website or stop by and pick up the latest Chamber Directory from our office in The Round (12600 SW Crescent St, Ste 160). We’d love to share our passion for Beaverton with you!  For more information about these and other Chamber partner businesses, visit our website at