The holiday season reminds us of what is important

The holiday season reminds us of what is important



With the world experiencing such extreme challenges, the significance of the holiday season becomes ever more comforting. Like taking a walk on a beautiful fall day and kicking up the breathtaking autumnal leaves or getting warmed by a cozy wood burning fire. We consciously and subconsciously seek signs, smells, and foods to deliver assurance.

Each faith celebration comes with time-honored aspects that stimulate positive feelings. The scent of pine is akin to the month of December and Christmas and can immediately enhance emotions. Beeswax candles can inspire thoughts of Hannukah. This divine month carries with it a beautiful tone of renewal and restoration.

Traditional meals are known to reach deeply, stirring reassuring memories.

What are some of the long-established dishes that have been a part of your holiday season?


My parents are British, so we look forward to treats such as trifle, mincemeat pies, plum pudding and custard. Not to mention a sausage roll or two! It is a wonderful line up of comfort foods that reminds me of spending time with relatives and playing family games like Tripoly and Chase the Ace.

This season brings together families, friends, and occasion to meet new people, to laugh, share, and create memories reminding us of what is important – to love one another.

Decorate each day this month by practicing random acts of kindness. Thoughtful gestures such as serving a holiday meal or letting a car merge in front of you make all the difference. More than ever, lovingkindness is one of the most divine gifts we can be given.


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