The move towards normalcy: Already or Not Yet?

The move towards normalcy: Already or Not Yet?

How many of us have wondered at one point or another in the previous month if a certain store or organization was open for business at this time? During these phases of re-opening according to the state and nation, we seem to be caught between two worlds; between “pandemic” and “normal”. So where are? Should we move forward toward getting back to the way we have always done things, should we remain distanced and safe, or is there something in between?

We live in a time and place where we are experiencing the very tensions of “already/not yet”. We long to move forward towards normalcy, yet we understand that things will never quite be the same—the future has yet to reveal itself.

And at the same time, we can’t allow such moments to paralyze us from living our daily lives.

Belden Lane, author of “The Great Conversation” writes about this tension as he recounts the thoughts of renowned thinker Carl Jung:

Jung raised the great question of our time: How do we find a way “to get everything back into connection with everything else?” In struggling to find an answer, he warned, “We must resist the vice of intellectualism, and get it understood that we cannot only understand.” We have to get out of our heads and into the wilds. We have to risk ourselves to mystery. We have to love what we’re finally unable to explain. Only then will we comprehend the power of community that is already ours.

So that’s my hope for us as well during these days of mystery and the unexplained. May we get out of our heads for a few moments each day. May we embrace the unknown, welcoming the paradox of the already/not yet world amongst us. And may we continue to live into the community that we are blessed to be part of each and every day.

~Pastor Jeff

Rev. Jeff Binder is the Pastor at Valley Community Presbyterian Church. Visit us at: