The Power of Accepting Change: Being positive attracts positive outcomes

The Power of Accepting Change: Being positive attracts positive outcomes



Change is not always easy and at times it can be downright paralyzing.  And yet, more often than not, it is necessary whether to make a change that will result in having better health, to have a cleaner home, or to have better relationships. It doesn’t mean it is easy, but it is doable and ultimately comes down to a choice.

Creating change is empowering and puts you in control. Sometimes we need to respond because a change has occurred and if we choose to manage the change with grace, knowing that life happens for us and not to us, it can help in putting us in a position of confidence and not fear.

A client says that the universe is rigged in her favor, and I must say that at 89, she is indeed receiving blessings from friends and people she is meeting as she transitions from living in her home to moving to independent living.

This transition is not ‘easy’ although she knows it is for the better and it will help enhance her life by having less to manage, giving her the freedom to focus on gardening, art, friends and family. She has feelings that ebb and flow up and down, it is a journey.

Because she chooses to look for the good, the good shows up. Neighbors, people she knows through her hobbies and vendors she has used throughout the years have offered to help her. The universe truly is showing up for her.

Remember, it is all in choosing how you want to show up for yourself when change happens. Being positive attracts positive outcomes.


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