The Pride Parade is on June 30th, we are all made of stars

The Pride Parade is on June 30th, we are all made of stars

Oh, the lovely month of June has arrived. Most people, of course, associate this month as the beginning of Summer. Thanks to Bill Clinton, however, we now know June as the Month of Pride! This is a relatively new thing since President Clinton made this proclamation just 25 years ago in 1999.


So, what is Pride Month and why is it important?

As a non-binary person in 2024, it’s hard for me to relate to those who struggled with their sexual orientation in previous decades. From what I’ve learned, the LGBTQ+ community didn’t always feel proud about who they were. Today, Pride Month represents a welcome change. To help celebrate, here are a handful of fun facts:

  • Broccoli Flowers – Between the 1910’s to 1950’s, lesbian and bisexual women would gift their ladies broccoli flowers as a sign of love.
  • First Transgender – Actress and singer, Christine Jorgensen, is recognized as the first transgender person in US history in 1926.
  • Māhū (ma-hoo) – Māhū is a native Hawaiian word that refers to people who are neither female nor male. These people were well respected in the community.
  • Lesbian Pirates – Anne Bonny and Mary Read were two pirates serving aboard the legendary ship of the infamous Calico Jack. They disguised themselves as men in order to join.
  • Stonewall Riots – When the gay and lesbian patrons of the Stonewall Inn stood up to the police on June 28, 1969, this is seen as the biggest push for LGBTQ+ rights in the US.
  • June 28, 1970 – This is the date of the first Pride Parade, which was held in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
  • “In the closet” – This is a term used when a person of pride isn’t ready to reveal their identity.
  • They were “best friends” – Many historians throughout history often referred to same sex couples as being “best friends”.


According to the Mayor of Beaverton, “Pride Month… is a time to celebrate the progress we’ve made towards LGBTQ+ rights and to recognize the ongoing efforts needed to achieve true equality.” On June 30th, Pride Beaverton is having their annual Pride Parade at the City Park. I hope you can join us for an afternoon of food, fun, music and much, much more!


Mizuki Wong is a 9th grader at Mountainside High School. In their free time, they enjoy drawing, animating on YouTube, listening to music and learning about science.