The Seller Left What?! Communication is important

The Seller Left What?! Communication is important

Did the seller leave a nice potted plant or just an old broken pot?

Recently, a buyer purchased a beautiful contemporary home. When we first went through it, we saw a chicken coop and a dog pen, both nicely done. During the transaction the seller announced they were selling the dog run, which was perfect, as my buyers did not want it.

When it came time to deliver keys, however, we were surprised to notice numerous wood boards lying behind the shed. Not only that, but there were also plastic piping left piled up, numerous plastic plant containers of all sizes, old paint and other unwanted items.

It’s important for sellers to understand that when moving from a home, it is not an excuse for leaving items that are no longer desired or do not have time to address. Clear communication is vital regarding items no longer wanted. If there are a number of possessions that are ready for donation then either ask the buyer if they would like them or take them to the appropriate location for disposal and if necessary, pay for them to be hauled.

For example, some buyers may want to utilize left over carpeting from the newly laid carpet put down to sell the house. In my opening story, a buyer may want the extra wood boards, plastic piping, old pots, etcetera. But the point is to ask and not assume. Make the transition a positive one for the new homeowner rather than having them greeted with leftover belongings that need to be removed.

I have seen sellers leave a potted plant, a lovely note, or a letter sharing what wonderful memories were experienced while living in the home, wishing the same upon the new owners. Transitioning to a new home is an exciting time and the seller can play a big role in making it the best experience possible.

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