The Spotted Towhee likes to sing

The Spotted Towhee likes to sing

The time has come to officially meet your neighbors: the birds. For many folks, both birders and people who are new to birding, watching the birds just outside our doors brings joy during hard times.

Spotted Towhee: Not all birds will be on your bird feeders. Some will be right underneath foraging off the bits that other birds knock to the ground. The Spotted Towhee is such a bird. They spend their time scratching through the leaf litter on the forest floor searching for insects to eat.

Fun fact: Early in the breeding season, male Spotted Towhees spend 70 to 90 percent of their mornings singing to attract a mate. Once they find their match, they only spend about 5 percent of their time singing.

At first glance: You may just notice a few birds in your yard or neighborhood. But spend a little more time, and you’ll start to recognize repeat visitors and witness extraordinary behaviors like territorial fights, courting and mating, elaborate bird songs, foraging, and nest building. Our world may feel routine or mundane at time, but theirs rushes forward during the most exciting time of year — spring migration and baby bird season. You couldn’t ask for a better live performance right outside your home.


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