The stressful yet wonderful holidays (It’s that time of year again folks!)

The stressful yet wonderful holidays (It’s that time of year again folks!)

Being the Season of Giving, this is a wonderful time of year to reflect on our blessings and also find ways to share some of our good fortune with those in need. Whether it’s giving a friend some kind words or donating to a toy drive, there is no better feeling than giving back to the community. But a common problem I’ve found when trying to donate to a charity is figuring out which one to pick. After all, how do I know which charities are reliable? How do I find a worthy cause to donate to where I’m sure my money will be used wisely?

After doing some research, a website that I found to be really helpful in picking good charities is Charity Navigator. This website allows you to enter in any charity, and it will provide reviews and other pieces of information to help you decide whether that charity is right for you. This website has put my mind at ease because now when I decide I want to help people by giving money, I know it’s not a waste.

Another thing to remember is that there are a lot of different ways to give back that don’t involve spending money. Reach out to your friends and tell them all the things you love about them! Take your dog out on a few extra walks. Even something as small as complimenting a passing stranger can make someone’s day a whole lot better. So, I recommend spreading some love in this time of year because sometimes the best gift you can get is the joy of giving back.

Kili is a junior at Mountainside High School. She loves singing, playing piano and ukulele, and also running track and field.

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