The summer heat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere even well into September

The summer heat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere even well into September



Finding ways to stay cool is crucial during days of high temperatures. One way we can help our bodies maintain a healthy temperature is eating cooling foods. Some foods you can find locally that are good for lowering body temperature:

  • Water: Ok, this was a no brainer. But it is so important, it’s been added to the list. Drinking cool water is the best thing you can eat or drink to lower your body temperature. In fact, most of the foods on the list have high water content.
  • Coconut Water: This drink is loaded with vitamins and minerals, along with its cooling properties.
  • Watermelon: Loaded with antioxidants, and over 90% water, this summer fruit is a great way to cool down.
  • Cucumber: With high water content, and high in fiber, this is another great way to cool down, even drop a slice into a glass of water for a refreshing essence.
  • Mint: Not something you typically eat on its own, but a mint leaf in water, or iced tea is both refreshing and cooling.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: There is a reason that salads seem to good during summer. Those leafy greens are cooling your body down, not to mention they taste great.

What you eat is only part of staying cool, but it can really help. Enjoy the rest of Summer and be safe!

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