The Tribe Called Sweat: This new hip-hop fitness studio will move you

The Tribe Called Sweat: This new hip-hop fitness studio will move you

Janita “JJ” Jones’ new hip-hop focused fitness center JJT Studios – Home of The Tribe Called Sweat, opened in April and is already developing a loyal following. The reason The Tribe is growing in popularity can easily be attributed to Jones’ infectious enthusiasm for not only fitness, but broadcasting, and community resilience.

JJ was involved with fitness since the second grade as a runner, until she faced breathing challenges due to lung issues. Later she found opportunities in fitness again but for years she parlayed her talents into a radio career, including working at the former hip-hop station Jammin’ 95.5 FM. Eventually this mother of three became a functional movement trainer, yet her passion for broadcasting remained. This is why The Tribe is more than just about fitness: you can also train as a DJ and learn podcasting from industry experts who’ll help “get your podcast out into the world.”

Jones developed the fitness classes and says “when you come in, the work out is customized.” Check The Thighs is a class that incorporates hand weights, sand bags, and gliders to target thighs and arms. The 4 Moms class allows mom’s to workout with their children.

The Tribe features 30- and 55-minute classes that incorporate core, resistance, and strength building exercises to tone and sculpt. The Tribe also utilizes yoga, break dancing, kick boxing, HIIT, and TRX training, so that there is truly something for every fitness level including people with special needs, kids, and athletes looking for a new fitness adventure. At The Tribe every work out is challenging yet you “work out at your own pace.”

The Tribe Called Sweat was recently a part of the Beaverton Participation Parade reflecting Janita and her staff’s commitment to community. Whether partnering with Athleta athletic apparel company or local non-profits like Self Enhancement Inc., The Tribe is focused on building connections both in and outside the studio. Jones wants those who come to her state-of-the-art fitness studio and recording center to have fun and enjoy the music.

At The Tribe Called Sweat, you can be yourself so join the tribe and enjoy not only a workout but a party.

The Tribe Called Sweat is located at 7725 SW Nimbus Ave. For more information including class listings visit or call (503)626-2003.