There is good news: 6 Tips to Help Manage Arthritis

There is good news: 6 Tips to Help Manage Arthritis



Joint pain. Stiffness. Swelling. Twinges painful enough to elicit an “ouch”. Most people will experience these symptoms at some point in their lives. The good news is there are simple ways to manage arthritis and ease pain, improve flexibility and make living easier and more enjoyable.


Slim Down – Weighing more than you should, puts extra pressure on joints. Dropping a few pounds can make it easier to get around and make you feel less achy.


Enjoy Low-Impact Exercise – Splashing around at a water aerobics class, taking a daily walk with a friend, or engaging in gentle yoga or tai chi classes can help strengthen your muscles and give your joints more support.


Erase Pain with Pressure – A moderate pressure massage can work wonders, especially if you have an inflammatory kind of arthritis. In pressing large nerves, you link the brain with various parts of the body and soothe discomfort while cutting the production of the body’s stress hormone and boosting serotonin levels.


Run Hot and Cold – Putting heat and cold treatments on your joints can soothe aches and pains and tamp down inflammation. For heat, try starting the day with a relaxing warm bath or shower. At night, snuggle up with a heating pad or electric blanket You can try over-the-counter topical ointments that contain capsaicin. In hot weather, cool off with a gel ice pack.


Seek Support – Things like splints, braces, walkers, and canes can make it easier and less painful to get around because they take pressure off your joints. Likewise replacing hard-to-use manual can openers, keyed door locks, and cross handle sink faucets with more ergonomic options are easy ways to reduce pain and stress.


Stay Positive – Although arthritis pain affects the body, it can be eased with the mind. You might try relaxation techniques, meditation, slow breathing exercises or even pleasurable conversations with close friends to feel less stressed and better able to cope with the challenges of arthritis.


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