These foods give more energy than coffee, try some apples, eggs or beets

These foods give more energy than coffee, try some apples, eggs or beets


Morning coffee is a regular for many of us, and a staple part of our morning ritual in order to take on the day. Caffeine can bring quick highs, jitters, and afternoon crashes, however, and even the most ethically grown organic fair-trade coffee on the market isn’t considered something that should be consumed daily. If it is just the energy that you are looking for, there are healthier alternatives to eat in the morning, and many can be found grown locally.

Here are a few locally grown foods that you could try replacing with the daily cup of Joe and see if you get the pep in your step without it:


Apples: Apples have 13 grams of natural sugars that process through the body slower, while providing the same effect as caffeine. The energy you get is directly related to how long it takes to digest, which allows the body to avoid a spike of energy.


Eggs: While not as energizing on their own, they are packed with protein, Omega 3’s, and healthy fats which help to slow down the metabolism in the body. If eggs aren’t for you, try looking for cooking protein with an Omega 3 Oil, live Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Beets: This little veggie is definitely less popular but should get the attention it deserves. Beets are packed with nitrates that help blood flow which allows more oxygen to get the cells, creating energy. Not only that, but they are full of carbs, sugar, and fiber to give a longer boost.

With all of these foods, drinking water and a little exercise, even a short walk, will greatly enhance the effect you get. Even if you aren’t looking to cut coffee out, they can make a great addition to your morning.


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