These pugs could use a little help, Daisy and Moki

These pugs could use a little help, Daisy and Moki

Moki – 14 year old

Hey there senior pug lovers! I hear this is the best place to advertise for us older pugs looking for love! My name is Moki and I am 14 years young. You many wonder how a good looking guy like me ends up here. My owner passed away and lucky for me PPR took me in and got me all cleaned up. I had a dental and lost all my teeth, they were pretty rotten! My health is pretty darn good, my eyes still work great but I don’t hear as well as I used to. I have the usual pug weak back legs, but I still get around just fine except for stairs. I am house trained, but because of my rear leg issues, sometimes I can poop without knowing it, but hey that is pretty easy to manage! A perfect home for me would be with someone who just wants a pug to hang out on their lap…yes that is right I love to be held and just hang out with you, I am a expert level snuggler! I get along just fine with other dogs, and hey I can even play a bit with the young dogs! Please don’t pass me by because of my age, I am a real sweetheart with lots of love still to give!

Daisy – 10 year old

Hi my name is Daisy! I am about 10 years old and I am looking for love! My life has not been easy and I would love to find a family that can love and snuggle me just the way I am. Everyone who meets me falls in love with me. I’m just that cute I guess! I can’t see or hear very well but I find my way around and learn quickly. I will need eye medication for life and I have arthritis so long walks are not my thing. I do love a nice yard to roam around in. I love to be scratched behind my ears and if you stop I will find your hand and put my head under it. I am an easy pug to take care of. Could I be yours? I promise to love you back!

At Pacific Pug Rescue, we rescue, rehabilitate and place unwanted, neglected and abused Pugs in permanent adoptive homes that have been carefully screened. If you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful pugs, please contact us at

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