This super kid has a positive mindset: Keep up the good work Chris!

This super kid has a positive mindset: Keep up the good work Chris!

Chris is an 18-year-old active Kumon student who has been enrolled since the age of 7. He is currently studying above grade level in math and is on track to complete the program by the end of this year.

Chris’s academic advancements can be attributed in part to his positive mindset. “I motivated myself, asked questions, and gave Kumon my best because I knew eventually, my hard work at Kumon would pay off and be rewarding.”

Chris has seen firsthand how the Kumon Method has greatly helped him develop his math skills. While studying at Kumon, he received a Presidential Education Award in 5th grade and now has the confidence and ability to help others with math.

Chris has plenty of great advice for struggling Kumon students. “If you consider yourself to be struggling, you are not in a bad position. Assess yourself and try to figure out what it is you are struggling with exactly.” He recognizes this as the potential turning point for many struggling students.

Being that the Kumon Method is unique in that it is self-paced and based on repetition, Chris understands the importance of practice very deeply. “If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t think about the number of problems, think of it as your daily practice which will help you in the long run.”

Although Chris is a math-wiz, he also has another passion: writing! Another achievement that Chris has accomplished thus-far is publishing his very own book! “Being a published author is a fulfilling experience that allows you to share your creativity with the world.” Says Chris. The book is titled “The Alkean“, and can be found on Amazon.

Chris is already looking into interning in the field of computer science in the hopes to pursue a career in software development someday.


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